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Is a Career as an Event Manager right for you?

How do you know if a career as an event planner (or event manager) is right for you?

While many see the glamorous side of the role and imagine the variety and excitement they will experience in this enticing industry, it's important to understand that behind the scenes has involved hours, weeks, months or even years of detailed planning, administration and project management.

While it's true that meeting with clients, coordinating volunteers or troubleshooting on the day of an event is exciting, challenging and rewarding it also true that event management requires patience and attention to detail while compiling reports, undertaking research and creating effective budgets and planning

If you are serious about becoming an event manager or event planner, you should try to determine if this career path compliments and fits your interests, skills, and character traits.

Ask yourself if the following sounds like you? Or if this is how your friends, family or colleagues would describe you?

  • Customer centred approach to work activities

  • Great interpersonal and communication skills

  • The ability to be flexible - things are always changing when you work with events - including the hours you will need to work (think evenings, weekends and holiday periods)

  • Exceptional organisational and time management skills - all aspects of the event has to be seamlessly planned and delivered. You'll need to be good at managing your own time... and that of others.

  • Excellent multitasker - you'll need to be able to prioritise things at work to ensure you and your team are productive and that you can achieve what's needed within a set time period and often to meet tight deadlines.

  • Ability to see projects through from start to finish

  • Interest in coordinating information and organising events

  • Ability to take and give direction

  • Patient and have a sense of urgency! There are times when you will have to be incredibly patient for example, if you are dealing with suppliers who speak very little English or have a demanding client, or when problems arise and you need to be the calm one who ensures things don't escalate. Equally, working with deadlines and the ultimate deadline - the event must open when it's supposed to open - a sense of urgency and the ability to get tings done is essential.

  • Ability to remain composed while supervising busy events

  • An eye for detail and the ability to produce detailed written work - the small things matter as much as the big things and you'll need to have keen observational skills to make sure even the minute details are perfect

  • Energetic - you will need to have a lot of energy and stamina to cope with long hours, often standing, especially during the build up, delivery and break down of an event.

  • Creative thinker - can you think out-of-the-box and is solving problems and dealing with challenges second nature to you? You need to have an innate ability to resolve problems creatively and troubleshoot effectively

  • Technical know how - the use of technology has impacted in every industry and this is also true of the world of events. Whether it's using office software to prepare documents and communicate with clients and colleagues, or advising your clients of the best (and up to date) technology solutions for their event, its essential you're comfortable using, researching and working with technology.

To help you understand more about what it's like to work as an event manager and whether this could be an ideal career for you, we recommend watching TAFE QLD's interview with Roger Hooker. "A Day in the Life of an Event Manager."

Roger Hooker. "A Day in the life of an Event Manager."


If you have decided that Event Management is the right career for you, you may be interested in learning more about our Event Management courses.

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