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Tailored Programmes

Any Group Size

> Ideal for groups of any size

> Ideal for groups with with specific content or itinerary requirements

> Ideal for groups with preferred venue type or location requirements

> Ideal for groups with specific learning outcome requirements

> We can design a programme to meet your content needs and to include your preferred sightseeing and social activities, on dates of your choice.


We base most study tours from ExCeL London, but you may wish to request  a venue or location that compliments your subject focus. E.g. Sports stadium, media environment, commercial kitchens etc. 


We are specialists in educational programme design. Let us know your subject area focus and any field trip objectives or learning requirements.


Let us know the duration of your study tour and your preferred dates. We can design programmes around your specific budget or quote based on your requirements.


Let us know what meals,  sightseeing options or social activities you'd like to include. If you're not sure, we can suggest a range of options that suit your dates, budget and length of stay.

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