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Speaker Announcement: Emmanuel Olatunji on Government Driven, Digital Transformation.

We're delighted to announce that Emmanuel Olatunji will be joining us in a Keynote Speech for a Digital Transformation Study Tour this April.

As our first speaker, Emmanuel's extensive knowledge and expertise in digital transformation will set the scene for over 120 MSc Management and Information Systems students. The Masters students, with nine of their Lecturers, are visiting London to attend a specialist education programme "Digital Transformation - a Critical Component of IT and Business Strategy" The group will benefit from Emmanuel's background as a Global Digital Transformation & Innovation Advisor with a strong background in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Data Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Adoption & Migration, Cloud Telecommunications, and Software Innovation & Business Process Automation. He is also the Founder & CEO of Intelance. In his presentation "Collaborative Approach to Government Driven, Digital Transformation - Qatar, Microsoft and Intelance", Emmanuel will detail how his company Intelance, collaborated with Microsoft and its ecosystem of partners and worked with the Government of Qatar to utilise Microsoft Cloud's infrastructure and digital ecosystem of solutions to support Qatar's National Vision 2030. We look forward to hearing Emmanuel's presentation and his take on managing change for complex digital transformation initiatives.



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