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Industry Speakers Impressed with Participant Engagement on our Digital Transformation Study Tour

Following their participation on the Digital Transformation field trip and study tour for The University of Manchester, we asked our industry speakers for feedback on their experience.

Emmanuel Olatunji

  • Keynote Speaker: Government Driven Digital Transformation

  • Practitioner Insight: Technology Enabling a Hybrid Work Culture

"My passion for sharing knowledge to enable others to navigate the practical nuances of the business world in different capacities, was one of the driving factors behind taking part in Digital Transformation Study Tour as a Keynote Speaker.

The London Study Tours' team were welcoming, and collaborative, with a clear vision on how they wanted to run the programme which made life easier for me, the session participants were also great and very engaging. It was a truly great experience overall."

Raja Al-Khatib

  • Practitioner Insight: Shaping Tech for Good Strategy - Stakeholder Engagement

"I really enjoyed sharing my experience of leading digital transformation with the students. The questions they asked were insightful and their overall engagement was very inspiring."

Naheed Tariq

  • Practitioner Insight: Growing a Vibrant Ecosystem

"It was great fun presenting to bright and engaged audience. They asked some insightful questions, and I am confident we sent them on their way with some fresh new perspectives. I look forward to connecting with many of the students in the future. "

Jenny Warren

  • Keynote Speaker: Digital Transformation in the Health Sector

"I was keen to join this exciting study tour to provide an insight into an end users perspective with emerging technologies. I thoroughly enjoyed it, students were engaged & had fantastic questions & ideas, it was lovely to share my passion for palliative & end of life care with them."

Billy Smith

  • Keynote Speaker: Digital Transformation Projects within Charity, Education and Local Authority

“It was a pleasure to be invited to deliver a keynote presentation for London Study Tours. The students were a truly pleasant audience and they asked many great questions about the projects’ outputs and impact.

I would like to wish them all every success and good fortune for their futures.

London Study Tours were very accommodating - the welcome, environment and hospitality received were outstanding!”

Edward Sparrow

  • Practitioner Insight: Greening your Tech

"I had some very interesting conversations with several students after the talk about electronic waste recycling and the motivation for companies to 'go green'.

They were clearly very passionate students. "

Priya Jotangia

  • Practitioner Insight: Greening your Tech

"London Study Tours were fantastic to collaborate with in helping young adults to find their feet. It’s a brilliant programme that really helps inspire them, learn a new culture but also get them thinking about their future. It was incredibly rewarding to be part of and to meet the students."


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